Share 5 advantages of zinc die casting with you

2021-09-16 10:58

With the development of economy, the continuous optimization of zinc alloy, more and more customers choose zinc alloy die casting products, often produced in the high end of the product, because of its good texture and thick, used for electroplating, paint baking effect is good, the appearance is very atmospheric, so it is popular with many buyers.

According to statistics, China's steel production has accounted for more than 50% of the country, because of the impact of science and technology, Shanghai zinc die casting is constantly optimized to solve the shortcomings of previous products, occupy an important position in the market, so more and more customers choose to use Shanghai zinc alloy die casting products. So what are the advantages of Shanghai zinc alloy die casting?

1, accuracy: Dongguan zinc alloy die casting dimensional accuracy, surface accuracy, thin-wall casting dimensional accuracy are very high, the production of smooth and delicate products, white have greasy feeling, very suitable for the needs of smooth products, product size stability, strong conversion, can also use complex product needs.

2, mass production: high machine productivity, some Dongguan zinc alloy die casting machine every eight hours can die casting thousands of times, and his long service life. Some live tens or even millions of times.

3. Economy: Due to the smooth surface of dongguan zinc alloy die casting without trachoma and other advantages, it can be directly used without processing, saving part of the process, and the processing amount is very small. Because he inherited increased utilization and reduced the amount of work so the casting price is also very cheap.

4, surface: Dongguan zinc alloy die casting surface treatment is very convenient, he can paint and electroplating, and he does not contain lead does not contain cadmium, is green material.

5, plasticity: zinc alloy centrifugal molding performance is strong, good toughness, can cast complex shapes.