Analysis of the difference between modern mold manufacturing and traditional mold manufacturing tech

2021-09-16 10:57

Throughout the development of the world economy, mold industry in economic prosperity and economic depression are indispensable. When the economy develops quickly, the product sells well, the natural requirement mould can keep up; During the slow economic development period, products do not sell well, and enterprises try every means to develop new products, which will also bring strong demand for molds. Therefore, experts at home and abroad say that modern mold industry is an unfailing industry.

Mold design and manufacturing, exquisite mold design and manufacturing mold design and manufacturing is currently in the limelight. It blew a whirlwind of mold design. It fills the original mechanical manufacturing major in material research and processing blank. Mold is an important industrial equipment for the production of various industries. It makes raw materials take shape in its specific form through a certain way of production. Mould technology is widely used and has penetrated into every corner of our life.

Modern mold manufacturing and traditional mold technology is not the same, its main characteristics are the following:

1, the quality of traditional molds depends on human factors, poor reproduction ability, and the quality of modern molds depends on physical and chemical factors, reproduction ability, the overall level is easy to control.

2, traditional molding using serial manner, easy mold release in the process of manufacturing, rework, processing cycle is long, while modern mold adopts parallel, the mathematical model of design and manufacture based on common, can be in the mold under the guidance of the overall process scheme through public data parallel communication, coordinate with each other, share information, less rework, short processing cycle.