Share die casting applications

2021-09-16 10:57

Take your decompression casting application;

Because the metal copper, zinc, has good liquidity and plasticity, and casting processing is in pressure die casting machine casting, aluminum die casting can make all kinds of complicated shape, also can make more precision and smooth finish, thus greatly reduced the mechanical processing capacity of the casting and metal copper, zinc, aluminum or aluminum alloy casting allowance, It not only saves electricity, metal materials, but also continuously saves labor costs. Copper, zinc, aluminum and aluminum alloy have better thermal conductivity, smaller specific gravity and machinability; Therefore, die-casting parts are widely used in automobile manufacturing, internal combustion engine production, motorcycle manufacturing, motor manufacturing, oil pump manufacturing, transmission machinery manufacturing, precision instruments, landscaping, power construction, architectural decoration and other industries.

Casting can be made for die casting auto parts, automobile engine casting pipe fittings, air-conditioning accessories, cast cylinder of engine cylinder head casting, casting valve rocker arm, valve seat, casts power accessories, and motor end cover, casting, casting pump shell, shell casting building parts, casting parts, casting fence parts, casting parts, and so on, with the level of domestic manufacturing equipment industry development continuously carry out, The equipment level of die-casting machine is also obvious, the types of parts that can be manufactured are also constantly expanded, the precision of die-casting parts and the complexity of parts have also been greatly improved, I believe that in the near future, casting will better serve our production and life!